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WE WOULD LIKE TO say that “we are the best,” but the truth is someone could be better.

WE WOULD LIKE TO tout the fact that we can “save you money,” but again, the truth is, we may only be able to match your present lowest rate.

WE WOULD LIKE TO to say, “that we are biggest,” but we know we are not.

WE WOULD LIKE TO to say, “that we have been in business the longest,” but we haven’t.

So your question is, “Why would I want to use you”? That’s “a good question”... and here is the answer.

It’s really quite simple... WE HAVE A PASSION TO "SERVE YOU"... SO THAT WE CAN CONTINUE SERVING THE THOUSANDS OF POVERTY STRICKEN CHILDREN we have been assisting in Nicaragua since 2004.



AND THE REST OF THE GOOD NEWS IS... you too can become an important part of providing food, an education, a home, clothes and love to children who have never slept in a bed, eat even one good meal, drank a glass of clean water or had anyone tell them... “I LOVE YOU.”

As NHGL brokers your freight... 25% of the profit goes directly to two non profits, with the majority - 15% going directly to New Hope Children’s Foundation in Nicaragua.

This means... that NHGL agents will do everything possible (and then some more) to provide you with THE BEST SHIPPING EXPERIENCE in the business... while at the same time, YOU BECOME AN IMPORTANT LINK IN HELPING CHANGE THE LIVES OF PRECIOUS CHILDREN.

Every shipment you allow NHGL to ship for you... WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the saving of a generation.

As every load pulls away from your dock... you will have the satisfaction of KNOWING YOU HELPED MAKE A DIFFERENCE. No, it did not cost you an extra dollar...(we might have even saved your some money), but just allowing NHGL to ship your load, gave New Hope the ability to continue rescuing children. 

One load of freight from Miami to L.A. could mean that several hundred children will be fed... or your load sponsored several children so they were attend in New Hope's school... or some additional children were able to be added to New Hope’s chlldren’s home where they will be loved and cared for.

There are things in life more important than making or saving money... and one of them, is reaching out to children in dire poverty and extending to them a helping hand so they can lift themselves above the vicious cycle of poverty that has enveloped their family for generations.

Children in home planting crops on New Hope's 175 acre ranch in the rainforest of Nicaragua.
Before we rescued "little Ruby" in the rainforest in one of the most remote areas of Nicaragua, there was little chance she would live until the end of the year.

But today, several years later... Ruby brings light into every room she enters.   
Will your next "load of freight" help us RESCUE another Ruby???
Before we rescued "little Ruby" in the rainforest in one of the most remote areas of Nicaragua, there was little chance she would live until the end of the year.

But today, only two years later... Ruby brings light into every room she enters.   

On February 22, 2013, it was our honor to celebrate Ruby’s 15th birthday (her quinceañera). In all of Latin America this is the biggest birthday celebration that a young girl will ever celebrate in her lifetime.

It seemed hard to imagine that this was the little Ruby we rescued when she was 13 years. old and weighed only 18 lbs.  The first week she was with us she was admitted into the hospital. The doctor who diagnosed her syndrome told us that the average life expectancy of children with this diagnosis is 12 ½ years. And that expectancy is for a normal child eating normal food, not a child living in the rainforest as Ruby was wasting away from malnutritian.

But with God's help... and people who care, Ruby is still defying the odds. Everyone who visits House of Hope in El Crucero, who meet little Ruby, come away with their life enriched knowing they have met one of God's most precious children. God certainly brought little Ruby to us to now only do great things in her life, but to use her to touch many lifes who come to visit New Hope in Nicaragua. 

Little Ruby is would like to meet you. Why don't you make plans now to join J. David Ford on his next trip to Nicaragua???
Or, perhaps your next load of freight will help us RESCUE another Debonney???
In 2005, New Hope rescued a little seven-year old Miskito Indian girl who was living in the rainforest. She was dirty, hungry and in need of a home. 

On June 23rd, 2013, we were honored to celebrate Debonney's 15th birthday party. 

Debonney was among the first children to live in House of Hope when it was begun in Waspam eight years ago. Later we transferred her to House of Hope in El Crucero. 
When Debonney began school at MTC, she could only speak her native language of Miskito. Yet, year after year, Debonney finished each school year, number one in her class. This included her Spanish class - almost unbelievable - but it is true! 

Debonney has definitely grown both physically and spiritually from the little girl she was when she was rescued to the young lady she has become today. 

At her “quinceanera” we were able to include a large number of the people who have played a special role in her life over the past years. She looked stunning in her pink dress and new jewelry and crown. 

After the presentation of a couple key gifts, we shared a delicious lunch of spaghetti, and topped off the party with cake and ice cream. 

Debonney was so blessed by beautiful gifts from many of her friends and was very honored to have the presence of so many loved ones in one place. 

When J. David Ford first visited the rainforest of Nicaragua and the Miskito people who lived there in 2004, he purposed, that with God's help, he would rescue children"one child at a time." We are so thankful that Debonney was one of those children.

Now because of the vision of New Hope Global Logistics rescuing many more Debonneys can finally become a reality! 

This is your invitation to join us on a trip to Nicaragua so you can see for yourself the results of choosing New Hope to take care of your transportation needs.  

As we reach out to those in need... we will reach out to also be the best freight brokerage you have ever worked with! But, you will never know this... until you give "New Hope" a try... both here in the U.S. and in Nicaragua.
This is where Ruby was living in the rainforest of Nicaragua when our New Hope team rescued her.
This was the plane that landed on the gravel airstrip in the village of Waspam to help us take Ruby out of the rainforest.
AND, this is "little Ruby" a little over two years later safe... and living at "House of Hope."